Our School and Staff

Newtonhill Primary School serves the coastal villages of Newtonhill and Muchalls and the surrounding rural areas of Cammachmore, Cookney and Bridge of Muchalls. Housing continues to grow, and we are also currently serving the new village of Chapelton, which will eventually have its own school. The school’s current roll is about 300 children including nursery pupils. On leaving Newtonhill Primary School the pupils transfer to Portlethen Academy. Newtonhill School is part of the Portlethen Community School Network and we work closely with the other 5 schools in the network.

Newtonhill Primary School is staffed by full-time, part-time and job-sharing teachers, with Early Years Practitioners in the nursery.  Visiting teachers take classes for art, languages, science and outdoor learning, and music instructors visit to deliver a range of instrumental tuition. The Head Teacher is non class-committed.  There is one Depute Head Teacher.  Our nursery is managed by the Early Years Senior Practitioner.

Newtonhill School Staff 2023/2024

Head Teacher Miss Lesley Tullock
Depute Head Teacher Miss Wendy Craig

Early Years Senior Practitioner Mrs Jane Wallis
Early Years Lead Practitioners Mrs Fiona Robertson and Mrs Kasia Kocylak
Early Years Practitioners Mrs Lauren Edgar, Mrs Joanne Rust, Miss Emma Crichton, Mrs Claire Henderson, Miss Natalie Martin, Mrs Rebecca Parker, Mr Robbie Wallis, Miss Georgia Sutherland

P1A                  Mrs Gillian Gatt
P1B                  Mrs Nicola Burr
P2A                 Mrs Julie McKenna
P2B                 Mrs Carey McIntosh
P3                    Mrs Nina McKay (Mon-Thurs) Mrs Christina Christie (Fri)
P3/4                Miss Clark
P4                    Miss Rachel Airth
P4/5                Mrs Tracey Buchan (Mon/Tues) Mrs Karen Brand (Wed – Fri)
P5                    Mrs Sheena Braidwood
P6                    Mrs Jorgi Matthew
P6/7                Ms Jayne Hinds
P7                    Miss Kerry Meehan

Additional Support Needs Teachers
Mrs Caroline Shiach (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Faye Milton (Wed-Fri)

Visiting/Core Support Teachers
Science and Outdoor Learning Mrs Caroline Nicol
Science Miss Paula Redman
Mrs Tracey Buchan
1plus2 MFL French 
Miss Kerry Meehan

Pupil Support Assistants
Mrs Angela Turner, Ms Wendy Pirie, Mrs Linda Duncan, Mrs Sue Carr, Mrs Donna Doo, Mrs Patricia Bruce

Instrumental Music Tuition
Guitar Mr Mathew Brechin (Mon)
Strings Mr Joe Hibbs (Wed)
Brass Mr Bruce Wallace (Fri)

Support Staff – Office
Administrator Mrs Carolyn Mackie
Admin Support Mrs Nikola Lancaster

Mr Scott Milne

Cleaning Staff
Mrs Vivien Gauld, Miss Rachel Groundwater, Mrs Anne Bills, Mrs Lorraine MacLeod, Mrs Fiona Ferries

Kitchen Staff
Mrs Melanie Dear (Supervisor)
Mrs Angela Caidenhead, Mrs Carolanne More, Mrs Janice Walker, Ms Megan Sinclair, Ms Marzena Wegrzyn